I am an Anglican Priest in San Antonio, Texas. I moved here from Indiana in 2005 and realized I was finally home. The culture and values of South Texas match very well with my own. The dining options in San Antonio are almost imagelimitless particularly if you love all varieties of Mexican food. It is an incredibly beautiful place to live.

I began drinking whiskey when I first arrived here under the instruction and guidance of another priest friend. Knob Creek Small Batch was my first bottle and then the true exploration of all things Whiskey/Whisky began. The official drink of the Diocese was Jameson’s Irish Whiskey which I enjoyed, but I took several tasting tours of Scotland, Canada, Ireland and even Japan. However, I found that my most comfortable spot was American Whiskey and particularly Bourbon and sometimes Rye.

I began writing about my Whiskey experiences in January of 2015 on a couple of international Whiskey/Whisky sites. The managing editors were kind enough to take a rookie in and begin to teach me the ins and outs of professional writing. This Whiskey Lofts site is just a collection of my unedited articles. I’m still learning about Whiskey and about writing and still enjoying tasting and learning about all things Whiskey.