Stolen Whiskey 11 Year Old American Whiskey

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By Father John Rayls

Rating B+

Stolen Whiskey 11 Year Old American Whiskey is a sourced whiskey previously provided by MGP in Indiana but now sourced through St Petersburg Distillery.  “We produce and bottle our  spirits at our distillery in St. Petersburg, Florida. We brought our collective experience in the spirits industry to start something from the ground up, creating the high-quality products we’d most want to drink. Our pot-distilled spirits are made batch-by-batch in small quantities, the old-fashioned way.”  However starting in 2014, it does raise some significant questions about the whiskey origins. “We are a craft distillery and one of the appeals of the products is that it’s like farm to table – aka locally supplied.” Frank explained that they strive to use as many ingredients from Florida that are available so the product is as fresh as possible. He had a good point when he said, “You can’t say it’s local if you’re not using local ingredients.”

It is aged for 11 years in previously used whiskey barrels and then aged an additional 28 days with precisely roasted barrel staves inserted in the juice to provide an enhanced smokiness and additional flavor. The staves are rotated periodically in the aging whiskey to provide the maximum flavor profile. It is tasted regularly to determine the optimal bottling sequence. It is finally bottled at a robust 92 proof.

This is a very interesting corn whiskey.  It could have been a bourbon, but the producer chose not to use new oak barrels.  It was aged for 11 years in used whiskey barrels which makes it somewhat unique.  The term “bourbon” is never used by the producer. It appears initially to be designed primarily as a cocktail mixer.  Although I have not tried it that way, it seems an excellent candidate.  I would guess that it is excellent in that role. The whiskey has a medium copper appearance in both the bottle and the glass with polished brass/golden highlights.  The legs are prolific and yet reluctant.  They bead up initially uniformly around the glass and only slowly eventually drain to the bottom.  The nose carries notes of oak, light smoke and toasted caramel.  It has a medium intensity that rises consistently with sweetness, spiciness and very  light smoke. 

The taste leans towards a sweet brown sugar and molasses/caramel profile with notes of oak and light smoke. Most of the action occurs mid-mouth and moves slowly to the front and even onto the lips and lingers there.  It makes for a creamy mouthfeel that coats the entire mouth.  It comes on with a cinnamon spice effect and slowly transforms into a pepper presence. The finish displays itself with some interesting pepper presence that maintains a consistent level of heat that never becomes overwhelming.  It asserts a sweet spice that is of medium intensity.  

Stolen Whiskey 11 Year Old American Whiskey is an interesting and enjoyable whiskey experience. It is a very affordable whiskey priced at under $35.00 and worth your time and hard earned dollars. It can be consumed and enjoyed neat, but is readily available as a mixer. If you lean towards a sweeter whiskey, this may be a very good option for you.  Don’t hesitate to include this as a regular part of your whiskey shelf. 

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