Blood Oath Bourbon Pact No. 1 (The Ultra Premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey)

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by Father John Rayls​

Rating: A-

Blood Oath? Really? It seemed like a lot of drama and hype and yet I bought a bottle (and it wasn’t cheap!) Bottled at 98.6 proof (body temp), the storyline was  imagecomplete. This bourbon whiskey is a blend of three different bourbons. The first is a 7 year rye spiced bourbon while the second is a 6 year smooth wheat bourbon. The final one is an aged 12 year oaky bourbon. This concoction was created by a certified food scientist, John Rempe, who has worked at Luxco for more than 16 years. With this blend, John has successfully married corn, wheat, rye and barley into something really special. There’s nothing new about outsourcing or even blending whiskey. High West is a master at it (and I love High West!). However as much as I hate to admit it, there’s something special going on here. Only 15,000 bottles have been produced. However, that’s a generous number compared to Four Kings Rye limited production for instance.

I’m using a Glencairn glass of Blood Oath neat to write this review and I really imagelike what I see. It’s a beautiful brown with hints of orange color as the light shines through it. It reminds me of a trout stream in the Tennessee mountains bubbling over the deep brown submerged rocks. The water is clear, but the sunlight plays games with your eyes on the colors you’re actually seeing. The legs are long and I can’t help but think of the ZZ Top anthem “Legs”. “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.” This whiskey really knows how to use them. Frankly, they just won’t quit and I’m not sure I’ve ever observed this length before. The nose is of spice, vanilla, oak and rye with a hint of fresh fruit. There is an appealing aroma without a lot of burn from a higher abv. As you sip this bourbon, it literally coats your mouth (and I mean that in the very best way possible). It excites the tongue, but the flavor comes primarily towards the back of the mouth. It’s a complex whiskey. There’s vanilla, oak, spicey rye and pepper which lingers with a long finish. However, there is a flash of flavor mid-mouth after you swallow. You can almost distinguish the three separate imagebourbons at different times as you swallow. This is a very enjoyable bourbon. It costs a little too much, but it is very enjoyable.

Hang on to your wallets for a minute. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey retails at 89.99 for a 750 ml bottle. However, I secured mine for 69.99 in San Antonio from my favorite retailer. In addition, I received a genuine certificate of authenticity. Now the real surprise came when I visited the official website and discovered I was entitled to a Blood Oath Glencairn glass for free. It was a little cumbersome registering for it, but I was told it would soon be shipped. If you’re like me and keep your whiskey habits within certain financial restraints, this may seem a little outlandish. However, I’d like to go on record as saying you may want to make an exception for this one. Nicely done Luxco…nicely done.

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  1. RHB

    I found it boring, overhyped, hot and way over priced for what it is. Too many other options that are great for half the price.

    • johnrayls

      Great comment! I certainly agree with the over-hyped and way over-priced perspective. However, I did enjoy the taste. I just wouldn’t buy another bottle at that price…too many other great options.


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