The Irish Mule

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By Father John Rayls

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I will drink about anything once, but prefer good whiskey and make it neat. Very good Margaritas and very good Irish Mules are the only two cocktails that I imagedrink regularly and I prefer to make my own. Living in South Texas guarantees an argument on how to make the best Margaritas with which Tequila and should they be sweet or sour with lemons or limes or both. However in this area, many are unfamiliar with Moscow Mules. This is a mixed drink made with a very good Vodka, Ginger Beer and lime juice. It’s often served over ice in a copper mug with a lime wedge as a garnish. I simply replace the Vodka with a higher proof Irish Whiskey and it becomes an Irish Mule. It is a very easy cocktail to make, requires no unusual tools and can be quite impressive looking as well as tasting. It isn’t imperative to serve it in a copper mug, but it does add some flair and increases the fun factor significantly.

All of the ingredients can be optionally replaced except one. The one ingredient that is absolutely essential for your success and enjoyment is a good tasting, premium Ginger Beer. I went through many different ones before finding the perfect one. I highly recommend Fever-Tree Ginger Beer. At $2.00 per 6 oz imagebottle, it isn’t cheap. However, you don’t want to cut corners on what will comprise roughly 3/4 of your cocktail. I have also found that Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey (92 proof) is an ideal mixer. It has a little higher abv, it is a subtle whiskey in taste and has a slightly sweet flavor profile. Two small limes, a copper mug and plenty of ice completes the pre-flight check.

Begin by cutting the two small limes in half. Squeeze the juice from one and a half limes directly into your mug. Using a hand held, manually operated juicer helps, but isn’t mandatory. Do it all by hand if you feel so moved. Cut the remaining half lime into thirds length-wise and use them to garnish your drink. I never measure my Irish Whiskey, but generally make it a generous pour. Simply add the amount required to get the desired results (start with two shots). Finally, pour the entire contents of the 6 oz bottle of Ginger Beer into the mug. I normally pour it aggressively and allow that action to mix the ingredients. However, stirring is also acceptable. Fill the copper mug with imageice and add the remaining lime slices. You have just created an Irish Mule. It will only take three to five minutes to make.

All of my friends have fallen in love with it because it is so refreshing and simply tastes incredible. I’ve even had rave reviews on Virgin Irish Mules. My recipe is in big demand and people want me at their gatherings to introduce this new (to them) concoction. Obviously, there isn’t any secret recipe and even a novice can make a great one. Give it a try. It may open a whole new world for you.

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