Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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By Father John Rayls

Rating B+

“From a tradition dating to 1805, comes the inspiration for Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey”. Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is definitely imagehistorical and representative of the traditional Irish Whiskey style. The name comes from the practice of applying a spot of paint to barrels of specific age. The green spot became the color of choice for many Irish men and women, but it wasn’t available regularly in the US until early 2014. It is traditional Irish in the sense that it is triple distilled with a mash of both malted and unmalted barley and is made using a single pot copper still. All of these elements combine to produce a traditional Irish whiskey that is subtle on the nose and palate, is creamy in the glass and in the mouth and is very easy and enjoyable to drink. The whiskey is a blend of Irish whiskey that has been aged between 7 and 10 years in ex-bourbon and sherry casks and even refill bourbon casks. It is an NAS whiskey (no age statement) bottled at 80 proof. This is a long-favored Irish whiskey that is riding the crest of popularity with the resurgence of all things whiskey, and in particular, Irish whiskey. (Do a quick search of all the new distilleries popping up in Ireland if you want more proof.)

Green Spot Irish Whiskey has a beautiful hue combination of soft orange and yellow gold in both the bottle and the glass. As the light penetrates and reflects, it creates an illusion of a crisp Fall New England day. It truly is a beautiful imagewhiskey to observe. The legs are long and very slow to appear. However once there, they seem to go on forever. The nose is very subtle (as I find most Irish whiskeys). You may notice notes of cereal and fresh fruit over a very subtle sweet oak. There is some complexity present, but you’ll need a strong commitment to the process to experience it.

The distillery believes the taste to be a full spicy body with a hint of cloves along with fruity sweetness of green apples rounded off with toasted oak and, surprisingly, I agree.  Initially, the light creamy coating of the mouth will draw you in as you begin to experience the sweet green apple taste over a light sweet oak. A more aggressive, but pleasant spiciness soon replaces the fruit experience. The spice is almost reluctant, but eventually leads to a long, enjoyable finish filled with cloves and other hints of spice. At 80 proof, this is a very drinkable whiskey. I would not want to be doing lots of other things while enjoying Green Spot. It is a subtle whiskey in all regards except for, possibly, the finish and I would hate to miss any part of the experience. Green Spot Irish Whiskey deserves your full attention. This is a very well balanced whiskey that is very smooth without being boring.

This Mitchell & Son Fine Wines & Spirits (Dublin) product can be found for anywhere from $50.00 – $70.00 online depending on demand and availability. This is a whiskey that needs to be tried. If you enjoy Irish Whiskey or think you would like to have the experience, this is a great destination to add to your journey.

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