Irish Whiskey for St Patrick’s Day 2017

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By Father John Rayls

St Patrick’s Day Celebration Affordable and Traditional

Slainte is a traditional Celtic toast when drinking Irish whiskey. It generally means “health” and is often combined with other Celtic words to make the toast more personal. In the American culture, a more appropriate meaning should be “slow your roll”. Of course, it doesn’t really mean that, but a slower more deliberate approach is needed when trying to fully appreciate the Irish whiskey experience. The golden elixir from The Emerald Isle is often the first taste of whiskey for many drinkers. It serves as the gateway for the whiskey journey, before being quickly left behind for more exciting lovers. Jameson’s Irish Whiskey is one of those that makes beginning the whiskey journey very easy and non-controversial. Most of us know that Irish whiskey is The Subtle Whiskey. It’s more nuance, discovery and inspiration than barroom brawl and throat punch. To really enjoy the tasting, you need time and patience to pick up the many quiet clues along the path. Of course, there are exceptions like Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey which is the most unusual whiskey I’ve ever experienced. It’s definitely much more adventurous. However to help celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2017, I’ve put together five affordable Irish whiskeys that will make your celebration complete. Please remember to slow your roll. Slainte!

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All of these links are found on The Whiskey Reviewer and are presented in no particular order. If you are interested in the impact of the Irish on whiskey making and consumption, take a look at the following links also from the same website. (I’m a regular contributor there)

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I’ve been so busy with bourbons and ryes that I had forgotten just how good an Irish whiskey experience can be. (I’m sampling now!) Obviously, there are plenty of less desirable ones available – just like with every other kind of whiskey. However, there are numerous very enjoyable and affordable ones that are easily accessible. Just like the tasting experience itself, when it comes to purchasing the right Irish whiskey…slow your roll. Take your time, read The Whiskey Reviewer on all things Irish whiskey and find your comfort zone for pricing. You will soon be another Irish whiskey convert.

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