Grangestone Highland Single Malt 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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By Father John Rayls

Rating A-

So…Grangestone Highland Single Malt Whisky is produced by an independent distiller, and for some reason, the beautiful website is very mysterious about it. In addition, this 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky is not pictured or even listed as one of their single malts. I don’t even know what to say or think about that. I might chalk it up to its residence on the bottom shelf, but…. This is a very interesting scotch that’s worthy of your time. It’s a single malt meticulously prepared and bottled at 80 proof. I normally prefer a higher proof whisky experience. However, this is a surprising whisky. The website proudly lists its older whiskies, but not the 12 year old. I’m suspicious that Total Wine and More may be the only source. (They love to push this particular purchase when you happen to ask about it.)

This whisky comes in a somewhat traditional bottle with a truly beautiful copper, black and white label which matches perfectly with its dark golden/medium copper coloring. The whisky appears to be the exact same color in the glass. The color is very inviting. The legs are readily apparent and mark the glass for a lengthy period. The nose is lightly floral with fruity notes and some sweet vanilla and oak with no noticeable alcohol burn. It’s a medium nose that is easily picked up.

It produces a wonderful mouthfeel that lightly covers the entire mouth with a slight syrupy feel and yet it’s not oily. The flavor profile is subtle to moderate with most action in the back of the mouth. The whisky provides flavors of berries, oak, sherry and some sweet vanilla as well. This is a very easy drinking scotch that’s very enjoyable. It’s not real complex just simply enjoyable for an easy drinking experience, but I would suggest some focused attention. At 80 proof, there’s not much danger of over-consumption and it is a very low peat experience. The finish is medium, but turns on some spice and delights the
taste buds with some interesting baking spices. It is difficult to shut off the the tasting experience. It’s just that interesting.

This is a great scotch to give as a gift. It looks impressive and it has a very interesting flavor profile. At 80 proof, it’s easy for newbies and yet it provides a very interesting experience for long-time whisky consumers. If you are a financially challenged scotch drinker, this may be the one scotch whisky for you. It retails in the $35.00 range and provides a substantial “bang for the buck” experience. I love finding an excellent “bottom-shelf” experience and this is one of them. I certainly would recommend drinking it neat initially. Don’t hesitate to put your hard earned dollars down on this surprising discovery.

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