The Lost Distillery Gerston Scotch Whisky (Blended)

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By Father John Rayls

Rating B

This is a look at the third offering from The Lost Distillery which seeks to replicate the scotch produced by now long gone Scottish distilleries. This one is the Gerston Distillery which actually had two distinct lives. The first lasted over 80 years from 1796 – 1882. It was a small, typical farm house operation that was known for its flavor and quality and achieved some worldwide recognition. It was owned and operated by one family for almost all of the years. The second life only lasted about two decades from 1886 – 1914. It was initially owned by a London based consortium and was a significantly larger operation that never quite reached the previous peaks of success. It was definitely industrial in scope with an 80,000 gallon production per year capacity and fitted out with all the latest innovations available. After about 11 years of operation, it was sold and continued to steadily produce for the next 3 years until it closed. There is some speculation that it did sporadically produce some additional scotch until 1914. As with all whisky, a solid water source is one of the most important aspects and Gerston is no exception. Unfortunately for Gerston Two, quality control was lax, the water source was different, grain and peat were different never allowing the flavor to reach the full potential of the original Gerston One.

The color in my Glencairn glass is a medium to full gold that’s reminiscent of baled straw in the sunlight. There are bright gold and white highlights in the light. The legs are available early on and easy to see. They aren’t reluctant, but manage to take their time draining down the sides of the glass. The initial nose is filled with toffee, leather and oak with some very light smoke. There is some light alcohol burn when inhaling deeply. I noticed a slight increase in this effect after I had an initial taste. The overall nose is light and requires some patience.

It’s a light smooth taste experience. Gerston is a blended malt whisky bottled at 92 proof. The mouthfeel is light as well as the flavors appearing subtle. On the palette, it’s a faint sweet oak presence over some light distinct smoke. However, this is a very short experience with the medium to long finish kicking in almost immediately. The finish is not over-powering, but it is there continuing with the sweet oak while presenting a nice light pepper statement. Of course, the light smoke is present throughout the tasting.

The Lost Distillery’s Gerston Blended Scotch is an easy sipping whisky. It’s light and smooth and interesting. If you are a history buff, it’s doubly interesting. However, all of The Lost Distillery offerings are still a little difficult to track down. The Gerston Blended Scotch Whisky is priced around $65.00 – $75.00 here in the states if you can find it. I think The Lost Distillery is really on to something here and their artistic flair is fascinating. Go grab some lost history and lose yourself in pure enjoyment.

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